Roelof, the Famous Wolf 

One fine day fifteen years ago I touched down on Mongolian soil and I have not looked back. On the contrary, I live in Mongolia since 2010 and know every remote corner of this country.

The company came about as a result of the enthusiasm I have for this country and the hospitality its people have shown me.

As I spend every day of my life among the people of Mongolia and their way of life, I can confidently claim that I know the real Mongolia.


My curiosity lead me to explore every part of this beautiful country and I travelled many thousands of miles over land. It never ceases to surprise me. Discovering Mongolia is never-ending.

I set up this website to share with you what I like to do best: to give you a taste of Mongolia. Ever since 2006 people have joined us on our travels and have done so in a manner mainly of their choice. I like to stick to the essentials, to show you what really matters…. the vast plains, the vistas into infinity, the stillness and the unforgettable encounters with the nomads. For me, one of the pulls of living in Mongolia is that romantic and nostalgic feeling of freedom. However, reality is never far away but here, it is still possible to project an image of vast steppes where you can suddenly spot a ger (yurt) in what is seemingly a piece of no-man’s land.


Come and discover Mongolia with Roelof the Famous Wolf

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